Sprint Team Selection

2020 IVF World Sprint Championships are in Hawaii (Hilo)

World Elite and Club Championships,
Hilo, Hawaii. August 15-23, 2020

Intent to Compete in 2020 Hawaii World Sprints

All paddlers must confirm their final intent to compete for the following deadlines based on which trial they are attending;

  1. East trial September 22, 2019. Deadline is: September 16, 2019
  2. West trials, Calgary, September 28-29. Deadline is: September 20 to register.
  • CLICK HERE to download an overview and technical summary of the Team Canada selection process.
  • CLICK HERE to download the intent to compete form for submission before 16 September (east) or 20 September (west)
  • CLICK HERE to download introductory information about Team Canada 2020

2018 IVF World Sprint Championships were in Tahiti

July 16-26,2018
Read about this event on the race organizer’s website

Sprint Team Canada Selection Process:

Sprint Team Canada Selection Process

Race Format

In 2016, the IVF race format for the World Outrigger Sprint Championships was changed. Here’s a full overview document about the new race format.

Registration Forms

Watch here for online forms when intent-to-race process opens.