Distance Team Selection

Hello Canadian Paddlers, 

The IVF Distance Championships will take place in Samoa in August 2021. The Selection Committee is in the process of finalizing the Selection Process and the Standards and Reporting Criteria. At this point, we are still working on if/how the inclusion of pre-determined (PD) crews will work.

Part of the concerns for inclusion in this group is that we do not have information on how many crews this may include and indeed, knowing the break down demographics for those who wish to pursue attending Samoa, makes finalizing a selection process difficult. To be clear, we will still commit to individual athlete selection similar to what occurred for Australia and Tahiti. The issues we are looking at is how do self-identified pre-determined crews compete for a Team Canada crew slot.

As the first stage to help us determine the best course of action, we are asking athletes interested in competing for a spot on the Samoa 2021 team to fill out the Expression of Interest Form. We require each individual athlete that is expecting to be listed as part of a PD crew fill out this form as well.

A PD crew is a group of athletes that self-form (they are not required to be specifically aligned with a club though they can be club based). PD crews are allowed to roster 8 paddlers. Those individual paddlers must still complete all the required standards and reporting criteria that other individual paddlers will have to as part of the selection and post-selection process. 

We are striving to provide clear criteria for all athletes vying for a position on Team Canada. Once we have some information from the Expression of Interest, the final Selection Process and Standards and Reporting Criteria will be released. Once these documents are released, athletes can review and determine if they wish to proceed to the formal registration at that time. If the Committee determines that there will not be a PD crew process, this gives athletes the option to re-register as an individual athlete.

We appreciate that many of you may have questions and concerns. At this point in time, we ask that you fill out the Expression of Interest form and wait until the final criteria come out. If you still have questions at that point, we will be happy to answer them.

The Expression of Interest Form can be found here. It will be open from now until 9pm PST March 21st, 2020.  



Leanne Stanley
CORA Director – Coaching Initiative & IVF Committee