According to our Canada Not-for Profit Corporation status, an open General Members’ Meeting is held annually with all members invited to attend.  Annual agendas are made available to all attending and members are encouraged to add topics they would like discussed to the agenda.  

This meeting is also where your executive is voted in, setting up the committee that facilitates the accomplishment of the annual goals as established. All members are invited to participate in the nominations and elections.

Annual Goals:

CORA’s annual goals include:

  • To support and facilitate the continued success of CORA clubs by providing financial support in the form of grants to foster development.
  • To promote racing through the use of Trailering Travel grants and facilitating the CORA Cup events in an effort to increase attendance and attract new athletes.
  • Improve the communication and education of clubs and paddlers regarding regulations related to racing, safety, sportsmanship and the culture of our sport that recognizes the spirit of ohana.
  • To begin the process of looking to the future of our organization and our sport and develop a long-term planning process to move us in a progressive direction.

2020 CORA AGM:

For 2020, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the CORA AGM will be held virtually through a video conferencing facility.

Date:  Sunday, November 22nd, 2020


Meeting ID: 865 2199 2696
Passcode: 160916

Technical Meeting: 1:00pm
AGM: 2:00pm (To follow after Technical Meeting)

AGM Meeting Materials:

  1. Technical Meeting Agenda –  HERE
  2. AGM Agenda – HERE
    • 2019 Draft AGM Minutes – HERE
    • President’s Report – To come
    • COVID Response Report – HERE
    • Treasurer’s Report – HERE
    • 2020 Grants Summary – HERE
    • 2020 Membership Report – HERE
    • Communications Reports – 
      • Outbound Communications – HERE
      • Inbound Communications – HERE
    • Awards Committee Report – HERE
    • IVF Report – HERE
    • Insurance & Safety Report – HERE
    • Canoe Registry Report – HERE
    • Historical Committee Report – HERE
    • 2020 Race Report – HERE
    • 2021 Proposed Race Schedule
      • 2021 Proposed Race Schedule by REGION / DATE – HERE
      • 2021 Proposed Small Boats Winter Series Schedule – HERE
    • 2020 Directors and Nominees – HERE
  3. Monthly Board Meeting Minutes from 2020 are available HERE.

Proxy Voting

All CORA members are welcome and encouraged to attend both meetings.  Members are entitled to vote at the AGM, but not at the Annual Technical Meeting.  If you cannot attend the AGM, you may vote by proxy by completing a proxy form and providing it to CORA no later than Friday, November 20, 2020.  A link to a proxy form is available HERE.

Nominations for Director

CORA is seeking ambitious members to serve as directors for the next term.  If you are passionate about outrigger racing and would like to contribute your time and knowledge to the growth of outrigger racing in our community, consider getting involved by being nominated as a CORA director.  Director nomination forms are available at the link below and must be submitted to CORA no later than Friday, November 13, 2020.

CORA Nomination Form

2021 Race Sanctioning

CORA is now accepting applications for 2021 Race Sanctioning. 

Please apply on-line at the following link:

Online Application to Host a CORA Sanctioned Race in 2021

Click here to view current race schedule.

Past AGM Minutes

AGM Minutes from previous years are available to view in the resource section.