Seasons Greetings

Santa was a bit delayed this year what with the 14-day quarantines at every border, but there are some gifts at the CORA Cultural Continuity page if you are looking for some outrigger canoeing reading now that the Christmas and New Years festivities have quieted down.

What started out as a CORA Canoe Registry project in early 2020, resulted in a collection of historical documents after nine months, covering outrigger canoeing history in Canada 1980-2020. These PDF documents do not have the same level of detail as the VCKC – 50 Years of Paddling, but please feel free to share any outrigger canoeing stories that could add to the CORA historical archives. CORA is presently working on outrigger canoeing history for Eastern Canada, the Okanagan / Interior, and Vancouver Island.

This set of of historical documents can be found at the CORA Cultural Continuity page. A huge round of thanks to the CORA, PNWORCA, and SCORA members who contributed to these historical documents, including Grace Morissette, Jan Chavarie, Drew Mitchell, Boy Chun Fook, Bud Hohl, David Boulding, Hugh Fisher, Don Mulhall, Jim Mancell, Garry Mancell, Doug Mancell, Dan O’Donovan, Matt Kelly, Jude Turczynski, Donna Harrison, Val Simmons, Scott Borle, Andrea de Bruijn, Joan / Brent Patriquin, Wolfgang Presslauer, Sue Milligan, Barry Kosturos, Ross Creasy, Corey Teramura, Lynda Roberts, Kenneth Ang, Bob Disbrow, and so many others.

2021 CORA Small-Boat Racing Winter Series

CORA will be coordinating a 2021 CORA Small-Boat Racing Winter Series on a regional basis, given the uncertainty of the current health crisis and the challenges regarding big boat (V12 / OC6) racing going into the 2021 season. This initiative is not meant to replace 2021 Winter big boat racing, but is meant to offer an alternative should Winter big boat racing not be feasible.

Scheduling, host club expectations, and participant expectations shall be finalized by the CORA 2020 AGM. In the interim, please refer to the CORA 2021 Small-Boat Racing Winter Series guidance document.

For more information about the 2021 CORA Small-Boat Racing Winter Series initiative and the process for host clubs to submit “Intent To Host” forms CLICK HERE


Mignon Fontenelle (Sand Point Outrigger Canoe Club) wins 2020 Peter Forand Masters Challenge

The Peter Forand Masters Challenge trophy was AWOL for 2017 and 2018 and 2019. Once the trophy was recovered, we were finally able to present it to Peter Marcus, the 2017 champion, at the 2020 FCRCC Winter Series race, and to Mignon Fontenelle, the 2018 and 2019 champion, at the 2020 Jericho Winter Series race.

2020 has been an exceptional year for the PNWORCA Winter Series. There have been a number of years where the Winter Series has lost 2 races due to weather. The 2020 CROCC race was cancelled due to icy winds. The 2020 Kai Ikaika race took a double hit with the COVID outbreak and a snowstorm in Portland that weekend. The Sand Point Championship race was cancelled for the first time.

There were only 4 PNWORCA paddlers and 1 CORA paddler who participated in at least 3 races to win their boat / gender / age division. There were only 2 OC1 Masters paddlers who participated in at least 3 races.

Discussions between PNWORCA and CORA resulted in agreement that there was indeed an OC1 Masters paddler who participated in a minimum of 3 events in the same Division and was first in Points.

The 2020 PNWORCA Winter Series winner for the Peter Forand Masters Challenge is once again Mignon Fontenelle (Sand Point Outrigger Canoe Club) in the Women Masters 40+ OC1 Division. The 2020 PNWORCA Winter Series event organizers recognize Mignon Fontenelle for the third consecutive year as the Peter Forand Masters Challenge winner in accordance with guidelines as the Female or Male Masters (40+ / 50+ / 60+ / 70+) paddler with the highest number of points across all age / gender brackets at the end of the Winter Series.

Congratulations to Mignon Fontenelle as she continues to demonstrate commitment and excellence in Winter Series small-boat racing.

Virus permitting, we would like to present this trophy to Mignon in person at the next race that physically happens.

For more information about the Peter Forand Masters Challenge, CLICK HERE