“The Burrard” – First OC6 In Canada

The CORA Historical Committee accumulated a wealth of stories / photos during the COVID downtime on individuals / clubs / canoes that made significant contributions to Canadian outrigger canoeing. There was a six-person outrigger canoe named “The Burrard”, shrouded in mystery and mentioned only occasionally, that may very well have been the first six-person outrigger canoe to ever voyage Canadian waters. Discovering the complete story of how “The Burrard” arrived in Canada in 1986 until it made its final contribution to the Canadian outrigger canoeing community in 2006 would not have been possible without accounts provided by none other than Annie Boulding (Comox), Jackie Bell (Comox), Heather Taylor (Nanaimo), Ruth Matson (Nanaimo), VPD Officer Dan O’Donovan (Jericho), Matt Kelly (Predator Performance Designs), Rob Varnel (Pac Reach), David Chambers (Vernon), David Hill (VCKC), and Gord Oliphant (VCKC).

The story of how “The Burrard” travelled from Newport Beach to False Creek, Penticton, Vernon, Kamloops, Jericho, Pemberton, Victoria Canoe Kayak Club, and Comox as a starter outrigger canoe until it was deemed unseaworthy may be found at the CORA website Cultural Continuity section along with many other publications from the CORA Historical Committee. This hull that Annie Boulding brought to Canada would set in motion at least eight Canadian outrigger canoe clubs.

CORA wishes to extend their gratitude to Susan Logan (VCKC) and Tim Marks (VCKC) for providing CORA with a complimentary hard-copy of the “VCKC – 50 Years of Paddling” publication which provided enough clues for CORA to work backwards and forwards from when “The Burrard” was the starter outrigger canoe for VCKC, to David Hill (VCKC) for granting CORA permission to publish the only known colour photos of “The Burrard”, and to Jackie Bell for providing photos of “The Burrard” making its final contribution to the Canadian outrigger canoeing community as her wedding arch.


<p><p style=First VCKC paddle in “The Burrard” August 1994 – Shelia Allen, Urban Allen, Arpad (Junior) Szatory, Don Munroe, David Hill, Gord Oliphant

Team Canada IVF Legacy (1992-2006)

The CORA Historical Committee has accumulated a wealth of stories / results / photos during the COVID downtime from individuals who participated in the 1992 Sacramento IVF World Sprints, 1994 Western Samoa IVF World Sprints, 1996 New Caledonia IVF World Sprints, and 1998 Fiji IVF World Sprints. If you were there in Sacramento in 1992, in Western Samoa in 1994, in New Caledonia in 1996, in Fiji in 1998, in Hilo in 2004, or in New Caledonia in 2006, and you have stories / results / photos that you wish to share with CORA, please contact the CORA Historical Committee or make a comment on this posting. CORA wishes to extend their gratitude to Heather Taylor and Robin Macnair for sharing IVF World Sprints stories / results / photos.

There is now a perpetual page dedicated to the 1992 / 1994 / 1996 / 1998 Team Canada IVF paddlers.

1994 Western Samoa IVF World Sprints Team Canada Ladies

Top row left to right – Brenda Flan (Davidson), Judy Shandler, Lauren Boyle (Whistler), Robin Macnair, Lisa Jerrett (Whistler), Linda Daigle (Whistler), Jeannie Goodlet
Bottom row left to right – Diane Shepherd, Jackie Webber, Heather Taylor, Jo Thomas (Whistler), Kendall (Kim) Macmillan, Marina McCready (Whistler)

Canadian Outrigger Hall Of Fame 2021


Following the 2020 Annual General Meeting, CORA announced the creation of a new award to acknowledge Athletes, Coaches-Builders, and Pioneers in the sport of outrigger canoeing in Canada. The Canadian Outrigger Hall Of Fame (HOF) Policy / Process has recently been approved by CORA after several months of discussion.

Nominations for selection may be made by any CORA member or club representative of any active CORA club in Canada through the CORA website. Individuals may be “Active” or “Retired” or “Posthumous” at the time of their nomination. CORA has already received over a dozen nominations and has compiled detailed biographical histories on these individuals. Nominations must be received by June 16 to be considered for the July ballot to be voted on by the CORA Awards Committee.

Canadian Outrigger Hall Of Fame

Although the Canadian Outrigger Hall Of Fame has no inductees at this time, there is a CORA website perpetual page that contains a Mission Statement, a link to a HOF Policy / Process document, a link to a Nomination Form, a table of Inductees / Years, and a grid of Photos. Note that by clicking on the Inductee Name in the table or the Inductee Photo / Name in the grid, the user may view the “inductee” sample bio.

The Nomination Form has been streamlined to encourage CORA members to acknowledge one another. Please provide contact information, a few details on why you believe the nominee should be considered for the Canadian Outrigger Hall Of Fame, and we will follow-up with you to fill in the nominee bio.